Electrosonic - 50 Years on the Audio-Visual Front Line

50th Anniversary Book

To mark its 50th anniversary this year, Electrosonic is publishing “Electrosonic – 50 Years on the Audio-Visual Front Line,” which celebrates five decades of achievements in the AV community.

The story of Electrosonic from its founding in 1964 to the present day is a complex one that spans the analog to digital revolution, the move to HD and 4K, and amazing innovations in display technology.

Written by Robert Simpson, one of the co-founders of Electrosonic, the book tells the story of the company across six chapters and nearly 300 pages, covering key aspects of the company’s first 50 years.

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Blooloop.com Book Review

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LSiOnline.com Book Review

"Simpson's account of that 50-year trajectory is fascinating, marking not just the technologies and the projects, but also, most importantly, the many, many people who made their contributions to the company over the years. This book is both a remarkable record and an indispensable read for anyone with an interest in the history of audio-visual technology."

- Lee Baldock, Editor of Lighting & Sound International

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