AV Design

Secret Wartime Tunnels at Dover Castle

Dover, UK

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Situated in the network of 60-meter long secret tunnels, 26-meters deep underground behind the famous White Cliffs of Dover, English Heritage’s “Operation Dynamo: Rescue from Dunkirk” makes extensive use of audio-visual technology to recreate the drama of the Dunkirk evacuation. Denmark based Kvorning Design & Communication designed and produced the new attraction and Electrosonic was the AV systems integrator. Kvorning selected Electrosonic to work with them from the initial design stage, to help validate design ideas, until completion. Throughout the project Electrosonic faced some difficult tasks, including dealing with the underground climate and projecting images into spaces where no surface is straight.

Kennedy Space Center "Exploration Space"

Kennedy Space Center, FL

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Exploration Space, the first attraction at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to examine the future of space exploration, combines live theater, interactive exhibits and new media components to engage and inform audiences about the next 20 years in space exploration. Exploration Space was designed and produced by BRC Imagination Arts in conjunction with Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts and NASA. The Design Consulting team at Electrosonic designed the exhibit’s entire AV system, including projection, audio, video and show control.

USA Pavilion

Shanghai, China

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Attracting over two million visitors in its first two months of operation, the USA Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai China delivered its Rise to the Challenge theme in a series of Hollywood-style, multi-dimensional presentations that told the story of the American spirit of perseverance, innovation and community building. BRC Imagination Arts was the show designer and producer and created all the content for the Pavilion. The Design Consulting team at Electrosonic designed the audio-visual and control systems to bring the spirit of America to life.

Information and Communications Pavilion

Shanghai, China

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Visitors flocking to the Information & Communications Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai got a taste of cutting edge information and communication technologies to come when they toured the attraction presented by China Mobile and China Telecom. BRC Imagination Arts was the creator and producer for the world’s first Multi-Dimensional Interactive Network pavilion. The Design Consulting team at Electrosonic designed the audio-visual and control systems to showcase these upcoming technologies.

NASCAR Hall of Fame

Charlotte, North Carolina

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The 150,000 square-foot NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina celebrates the history and excitement of racing by honoring the legends of NASCAR. The Design Consulting team at Electrosonic worked together with the project group led by Ralph Appelbaum Associates to create an engaging and cutting-edge audio-visual experience. These audio-visual elements include touch screen interactive exhibits, the Hall of Honor, the 278-seat Belk High Octane Theater, directional speaker systems, and giant interior and exterior video displays.

National WWII Museum Victory Theater

New Orleans, LA

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The Victory Theater is a new addition to the National WWII Museum located in New Orleans. Equipped with a 120 feet wide screen and 250 seats, the Victory Theater provides viewers with a truly immersive 4-D cinematic experience. The audience is able to witness the historic battles and stories of World War II with the dynamic effects of archival footage, animation, scenery, sound and sensory effects.  Electrosonic Design Consulting worked with the Project Team led by The Hettema Group to develop the complex video and audio presentation.


Denver, CO

Visitors to Denver’s new Center for Empowered Living and Learning (The CELL) are plunged into a multimedia experience designed to explore one of the most important issues of our time: the threat of global terrorism.  Through museum-wide audio, video and control systems designed and furnished by Electrosonic, visitors follow The CELL’s dynamic inaugural exhibit; "Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: Understanding the Threat of Terrorism.”

Sitka Auditorium

Sitka, AK

Sitka Auditorium is the newly designed theater space located at Sitka High School that accommodates both high school and community special events. Electrosonic Design Consulting designed an audio visual system capable of supporting live performances, speech presentations, video presentations, program monitoring, intercom, and assistive listening.

HBO Retail Store

New York, NY

For some users of video displays in retail environments there is the problem of acquiring high quality content. For HBO there is no such problem, content is its business. So when HBO opened its first retail store, on the Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) in New York City, it was no surprise to find that it is full of images that dominate the space.

Harley Davidson Museum

Milwaukee, WI

The Harley-Davidson Museum is a museum chronicling the history of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and features hundreds of classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles and artifacts. In conjunction with the design team at Pentagram Design and media producers Batwin and Robin Productions, Electrosonic Design Consulting provided the design for the audio, video, and interactive elements in the museum’s numerous exhibits.