From small regional visitor centers to major national museums and art centers, Electrosonic is known for its expertise in creating the ultimate museum experience.

Electrosonic's creative AV systems can be found in major museums and visitor centers in all parts of the world. We design and supply turnkey solutions for audio, video, computers and specialist interactive displays.

Whether the project concerns a new museum or just an exhibit, the Electrosonic team is there to assist. Electrosonic's installations include museums, science centers, art centers and exhibitions, planetariums, heritage sites and industrial theaters.

Technologies integrated include:

  • Flat screen displays
  • Interactive exhibits
  • Projection systems
  • High frame rate projection
  • 4K resolution displays and projection
  • RFID tagging
  • Synchronized PDAs
  • Special effects
  • 3D and 4D theaters
  • Audio-visual show control
  • Remote system monitoring

From multi-touch environments to kiosks, from simple to complex projection systems, Electrosonic will provide your museum with technology that complements, not overpowers, the works being seen or heard.

Telling the Story of Jews in America

AV technology provided by Electrosonic helps visitors explore the history of the American Jewish experience at the National Museum of American Jewish History.

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Design Consulting

Solve your next technical challenge. See our complete integrated design and engineering services

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Protect and Enhance Your AV Investment

Electrosonic provides a wide variety of service offerings ranging from 24/7 phone support to full-time on-site technicians.

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