Remote System Monitoring

Electrosonic’s ESCAN Remote Monitoring service offers 24x7 real-time monitoring of your audio-visual system. ESCAN constantly evaluates the health and performance of your system and provides our support specialists with critical alerts and configuration data that enable faster troubleshooting and fault resolution.

A typical ESCAN system monitors computers, video playback devices, projectors, displays, video conferencing codecs, cameras, network switches and control systems. Based on the system equipment and various technical requirements, Electrosonic optimizes the monitoring system for each client. ESCAN can often be incorporated into existing systems.

As part of Electrosonic’s portfolio of comprehensive service solutions, ESCAN integrates and enhances Electrosonic’s industry leading support services. ESCAN allows you to focus on your day-to-day operations without worrying about system reliability.

ESCAN Remote Monitoring

Learn more about our ESCAN remote monitoring of audio-visual systems in this data sheet.

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Key Remote Monitoring Benefits

  • Maximize system uptime
  • Early detection of potential device failures
  • Identify issues remotely
  • Proactive help desk support
  • Trend analysis and uptime statistics
  • Enhances your on-site issue resolution capability